Scientific gifts

Indulge the logically minded ones in your life with a gift that appeals to their scientific nature.  From coffee cups with the chemical formula for caffeine on it to kits that allow you to experiment with scientific concepts encourage budding or established scientists with your next gift.

Gifts for adults

There is all manner of decor available for the science geek in your life.  From shower curtains to clothing you can infuse science into virtually every element of the home.  A great gift for the scientific foodie is lab equipment repurposed into kitchen goods,  beakers double as olive oil and vinegar dispensers, while the periodic table of elements makes an appearance as labelling on a spice rack.

Planning a night out to a lecture on a favourite subject or with a scientific superstar is a great option for the ‘person who has everything’.  Plan out the whole day including dinner and a post-lecture drink or two.

Gifts for kids

Children need encouragement and if a little one in your life has shown a knack or interest in science support that with a gift that makes their brain work.  There are countless scientific kits that cover many different aspects of the sciences for all age groups. For electronically minded tinkerers look for circuit kits that will allow kids to explore the basics of connectivty.  If computer programming is more their style why not invest in a Raspberry Pi set to give them their first motherboard and introduction to all its possibilities

For children that love museums why not gift the experience of a day out to favourite museums?  Get creative and make qualifications for your mini-scientist that they can wear as a lanyard during their day out, a pint-sized lab coat and a gift certificate to the museum shop isn’t a bad idea either!  If you will be visiting a museum that you have been to before, make the day into a VIP experience by opting to include things like simulator rides or  IMAX movie’s that you would perhaps opt out on a normal visit.  Check the events calendar of the museum to coordinate your visit with public or family programming.

For the family that loves science consider a museum membership.  The Glasgow Science Center, for example, offers a Science Passport that allows unlimited free admission to the museum for a whole year, In addition, there are other perks such as members-only lines and discounted birthday parties and parking.

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