Gifts for your pet

Who’s a good boy?  When it comes to the feathered, furred or scaled members of the household you don’t want them to miss out on gift getting.  Gifts for pets can often be easily whipped up with materials you have in the house already or why not spoil your pet with something like a photo shoot or seasonal outfit.

Favorite food

Everyone likes to indulge on their birthday and your pets should be no exception!  No one knows the dietary requirements and likes of your pet better than you, so why not give them a change from their everday foods and prepare a buffet of their favourite treats and tastes instead. A cup of whipped cream or multiple dollops of peanut butter will keep most pups happy whilst a saucer of goats milk might be just the luxury for your cat.  Be careful not to harm your pet’s health with an overload of treats. If you have any questions or concerns about what your pet should or should not be eating contact your vet for advice.


If you are looking for a gift to celebrate the birth of a (human) baby a big brother/sister outfit for a pet makes the perfect add-on for a family that values their pets as an equal member of their tribe. A seasonal outfit is an ideal gift for a cooperative pet and will truly brighten up any party you may be having!



Celebrate your pet with their very own photo shoot.  There are many photographers who specialise in capturing the personality of your pet. The best photos of your pet will be taken when they are relaxed and in an environment where they feel comfortable.  If your pet gets nervous in new places, have the photographer come to you. Shooting outdoors at their favourite park or even in your own home may capture some of the wonderful, every day, moments you share with your pet. If you do want to go the studio route, consider introducing your pet to the studio prior to the shoot for best results.

animal charity

If your pet has no need for more ‘stuff’, why not make a donation in their name to an animal rescue or support organization?  A donation is also a lovely way to remember a pet that has passed away.  Ask your local vet for recommendations of worthy organizations, they may even offer the option to donate to an emergency medical fund for low-income pet owners.

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